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• WELCOME to Notary Public Etc •

  • A notary service in downtown San Jose, California
  • At the corner of 4th Street and St John


  • Over twenty years of notary experience.
  • Member – National Notary Association
  • NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent
  • No appointment needed during business hours.
  • First come first served. All walk-in.
  • Notary fee based on signatures notarized. No extras.


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Mike: The notary business is making a come back because of identity theft and a drop in trust.
Ashok: There’s an explosion in fraud as far as signatures are concerned and identity theft is one of those symptoms.
Mike: Ashok Nigam, who’s been in the notary business in San Jose for more than 30 years, says there’s an increase requirement for documents to be notarized.
Ashok: Particularly as the economic times get tougher, they may have signed a document and they want to back out of it. If it’s not notarized it makes it easier for them, but once it is notarized, then it’s almost impossible for them to back out of the fact that they signed something.
Mike: He says on average most people have to get something notarized at least once every five years. The Silicon Valley Bureau, Mike Colgan KCBS.